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Lloyd Reserve


'Lloyd Reserve will be a popular facet of an envisioned Avon River regional park. It will feature remnant biodiversity and natural habitats, conserved and interpreted by the TFOR for purposes of education and enjoyment for present and future generations.'


'Lloyd Reserve - conservation and community '

The Toodyay Friends of the River was first formed in 1994, when a small group of people met to discuss ways of improving the health of the Avon River; it was incorporated in 1998.
As the organisation developed, it considered a number of options on achieving this aim. A small parcel of land was cut off from Avon Location 'V' by the Standard Gauge Railway in the 1960s, rendering it virtually useless for farming. A proposal was put to the owner, on the 3rd October 1999, to donate the land, waiving the encumbrance imposed by Shire rates. This proposal was taken up, and through due process was given to the crown as a reserve.
This land now bears the name of the donor's family - Lloyd Reserve, and serves as the only remaining connection between the location and the family.
The land was vested with the Department of Environment (DoE, now DoW), and a Management Agreement was reached between the DoE and the TFOR on the 27th June 2003, to manage the reserve on their behalf.
In taking over management of the reserve, there was an opportunity to develop a 'seed orchard', serving the duel purpose of providing a future seed bank and of revegetation. Funding was sought, and the Toodyay Seed Orchard Group (now a sub-committee of the TFOR) set about establishing the orchard. However, with limited resources, the TFOR found it difficult to develop the remaining part of the reserve, and, although firebreaks were maintained on an annual basis, the overall fire hazard increased. The TFOR, at its 2011 Planning Day, set about changing this situation.
A small working group was set up, and it met on a regular weekly basis, formulating the framework of a plan with broad but achievable goals. The Lloyd Reserve Strategic Development Plan (1.01MB) is the product of those goals. It set a number of objectives for the future, and values that guide the plan to fruition. It questions the TFOR's ability to achieve those goals, and outlines responses to those questions on how they will be addressed. It is also visionary. It looks outside the Shire - or the box - and further promotes the idea of an 'Avon River Walkway', stretching from the Swan Valley in the west to Yenyening Lakes in the east. It is also a component of an envisaged 'Avon River Park.'
The Strategic Development Plan is the first of a suite of strategies to be developed by the TFOR. They will compliment the Department of Water's 'River Recovery Plans' , predominantly as 'Working Plans' that will assist to achieve the visions for the future of our Avon River.


Currently (November 2012), the vesting of Lloyd Reserve is being changed to the Shire of Toodyay. In the process, the Management Agreement will be reviewed. The TFOR are looking forward to working with the Shire on the future management of the reserve