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The Avon River

The darker blue line from Section 20 (lower right of the map) downstream through Beverley, York, Northam and Toodyay to Section 1/2 (upper left of the map) is the main channel of the river.
The numbers in the boxes (e.g. 1,2 - 3 - 4,5 etc) relate to the River Recovery Plans, found under River Management.

Other TOOLS in this section are still being developed.

river map of the Swan River


The WA Local Government Association (WALGA), in association with the Department of Planning and the Department of Parks and Wildlife, have created an Environmental Planning Tool that is now available for public use. Initially developed for Perth and the Peel regions, it now covers the state.

This is a great tool for those who wish to measure fencelines, remnant areas, plan rehabilitation works (and file the plans on a your desktop while adding to them, or for future reference).

To view the tool you will need to have the latest Java installed (the site will guide you through that process).

Some features are restricted to the relevant departments, but for general mapping and planning it is of great benefit.

To download the tool click here


Amy Griffiths - Amy Wild - has her own Facebook page She conducts Reptile Relocation Courses. Her courses can be found here For details please contact Amy on 0432 884 904 or email here