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What we do

The Toodyay Friends of the River (TFOR), a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation, consists of a band of local Toodyay community volunteers, and some who travel up from Perth. Our main task is to look after and improve the health of our Avon River,and to raise awareness of the issues facing the River.

Our core group meets on a regular monthly basis to undertake tasks allocated during our annual planning day. These include tree planting, removing large weeds, collecting dumped rubbish, surveys and maintaining pathways.

Other activities include administration, grant-writing, collating survey results, etc. The TFOR also undertake roadside litter collection to demonstrate the pride we have in our town.


tree pkanting hbs1
Above left, about to do tree planting at Harper Brook in 2011, and above right the area in 2016
Photo at left - Wayne Clarke, at right Rebecca Meegan-Lowe

The Friends bird watching at Redbanks Pool, adding new records for our databank.