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The Toodyay Friends of the River Inc., a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation, consists of a group of both local and Perth-based community volunteers. In 1994, a small number of like-minded people, interested in the health of our Avon River, gathered together to raise awareness of the issues facing the River’s health.
Following a number of years in consolidating that vision, community members gathered in February 1998 and, with great enthusiasm, supported the original concept; September 1998 saw the Toodyay Friends of the River become incorporated. In 2019, these visionary people can look back with great pride. In over twenty years of community involvement in river management, there is evidence that their vision is making a difference.

The primary focus of the Toodyay Friends of the River Inc. - TFOR for short - is the Avon River, the main tributary of Perth's Swan River. However our objects include the river environs, including some of the river's more substantial sub-catchments and streams. Read the objects of the TFOR

The late Jim Masters OAM, an inaugural member of the ‘Friends’, was a great supporter of community involvement in river management. He also had a ‘vision’ for the future - the ‘Friends’ are proud to have aligned themselves with such a distinguished visionary! It is their intention to leave a legacy of which he would have been proud.


Above: Jim Masters OAM (photo: DoW Archives)

The Toodyay Friends of the River does not support any development that will have an adverse impact on the environment. We are particularly mindful of any actions that may have a negative impact on water tables, natural springs and watercourses. However we are willing to work with proponents of development proposals to secure the best outcome for the river - and the environment.

Updated 19th May 2023



The Toodyay Friends of the River Inc. (TFOR) received the 'RIVER RATS - LIVING STREAMS AWARD' at the 2009 State Landcare Awards, joining a distinguished group of individuals with a river-care ethos. Not one to spend time chasing awards, the TFOR are busy working for the environment, particularly that of the Avon River. However the River Rats Award was well-earned, and recognised the on-ground activity that the TFOR are renowned for. Seed Orchard

TFOR provided considerable support for the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee (TTTC) in their quest for the coveted Keep Australia Beautiful awards in the 2014 Tidy Towns - Sustainable Communities Awards. Toodyay was the overall State winner, and then went on to win the National Title in Tasmania early 2015. Well done Toodyay!


In the 2022 Community Citizen of the Year Awards, the Toodyay Friends of the River received the Active Citizenship Award (for Community Groups).

The Friends need to give themselves a 'pat on the back'. Over the years the TFOR have contributed an enormous amount of time and energy on projects that vary from the recent Pelham Brook Outlet Project to the Bilya Walk Track and revegetation projects along the Avon River, along with Harper, Boyagerring and Toodyay Brooks.
The Toodyay Seed Group is a sub-committee of TFOR; they provide seedlings for projects across the Shire and administer and provide seedlings to the Toodyay Native Tree and Understorey Scheme that provides Toodyay landholders with local native plants for revegetation projects and gardens within the Shire.

TFOR Award

Above: President Dr. Robyn Taylor accepting the 2022 Australia Day Award from Shire President Cr. Rosemary Madacsi.
Photo:GaryWalton/Colour Splash Media

Well Done TFOR!