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History of the Toodyay Friends of the River (Inc.)


From the very beginnings of the Toodyay Friends of the River in 1994, Incorporation in August 1998 and to the present day, the group have demonstrated the dedication of community members to care of the Avon River as it winds itself, not only through the shire of Toodyay, but also into the heart of the community.
The 'physical hours' that have been documented on an annual basis, are an extremely small portion of the actual time volunteers have spent in their quest for Rivercare. Many, many hours have been undertaken completing submissions for funding, public relation exercises, weed trials, publicity and the momentous secretarial and treasurer commitments.
The Group was extremely fortunate to have the constant 'listening ear' and assistance of the staff at the Northam office of the old Water & Rivers Commission/Department of Water (now Department of Water & Environmental Protection (DWER) particularly Berny Kelly/Terry Brooks/Martin Revell.
Gratitude is also extended to the Friend's Patron, Viv Read, who has been a wonderful supporter and mentor, especially in sewing the initial seeds.
Finally, if it had not been for Wayne Clarke's vision in 1994, his persistence in promoting that vision, and as first Chairperson of the Group in 1998, there may not have been a 'Friends of the River' in Toodyay.

December 1994 – TO September 2008 You can read the full story (up to 2008) here. Honorary Life Members No organisation can surtvive without the dedication of some members who often contribute enormously and over a long period. These members don't usually seek accolades. Other members recognise that dedication and acknowledge that through the awarding of Honorary Life Membership.

Toodyay Friends of the River Inc. Honorary Life Members

Wayne Clarke (2009)
Gaven Donegan (dec.)(2010)
Bob Frayne (2011)
Desraé Clarke (2011)
Greg Warburton (2013)
Robyn Taylor (2019)
Bethan Lloyd (2020)
(year of award in brackets)


Updated 19th November 2022