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To celebrate the Toodyay Friends of the River '30TH ANNIVERSARY'and the completion of the WEST TOODYAY WANDER a barbecue will be held on Sunday 26th May 2024. CLICK TO SEE DETAILS.

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Waterways Wisdom Forum

Below: Some of the 45 attendees at the recent TFOR Forum, held at the Recreation Centre on 9th March.


Photo: Nikki Palmer

Gonneville Project

The EPA has ruled that there will be a Public Environmental Review (PER) of the Gonneville Proposal. This will give the maximum level of scrutiny to the proposal. The EPA received 743 submissions; of which 708 asked for a Public Environmental Review.
The reasons given for the decision were:

Potential significant effects:
There are potential impacts on: air quality from emissions during the construction and operation; greenhouse gas emissions due to the potential to exceed 100,000 tCO2-e per annum; flora and vegetation from clearing and disturbance, introduction of weeds, disease and pests, and ongoing operation; terrestrial fauna from the clearing or modification of habitat; landforms from disturbance of the Quindalup Dune System; terrestrial environmental quality from disturbance of soil structure, acid sulfate soils; inland waters from changes to hydrological processes; and social surroundings from disturbance of Aboriginal cultural heritage places and values, and potential impacts to amenity and recreational use.
Preliminary key environmental factors:
Air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, flora and vegetation, terrestrial fauna, landforms, terrestrial environmental quality, inland waters, social surroundings.
TFOR have been concerned about the impacts on waterways (inland waters) - particularly the Avon and Swan Rivers directly downstream of the proposal. Hopefully those concerns will be addressed during the PER.

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The Toodyay Naturalist' Club (TNC) has produced a comemorative book titled A guide to exploring Toodyay... naturally. Available from the club for $27 plus P&P. Email their Secretary for details.
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Updated 25th April 2024